June 29 – 30, 2017 – Annual Water Quality Health Indicator and Data Science Symposium

tip of yellow kayak on glassy lakeThe Water Boards’ Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) is hosting the 2nd Annual Water Quality Health Indicator and Data Science Symposium, with the focus being on the use of data by other programs and Departments.

This is an annual event that aims to:
»» daylight new watershed and data science topics, tool, and insights, insights;
»» better connect data, information and knowledge to water quality stakeholders and decision makers; and
»» create a networking community to enhance better communication throughout the year.

How do I register?

Registration for the Science Symposium is available on Eventbrite at:

Tickets are available for attending in person or on-line.

Themes for 2017 Symposium
The symposium aims to highlight emergent tools and integrated approaches to addressing watershed and data science topics related to CA water. The general topics to be covered include:

  • Emerging Tools for Monitoring or Analysis – integration of:
    • Chemistry
    • Biological
    • Remote Sensing
    • Synthesis/Integration
  • Integrated Approaches to Address Problems/Programs – for example:
    • TMDLs – outcomes
    • Integrated Reports
    • Assessing Beneficial Uses
    • Nutrients/HABs
    • Cannabis
    • CECs

Who should attend?

People who are interested in helping:

  • facilitate the application of Water Quality data to California water policy and permit writing
  • provide a forum for sharing recent science and practical applications relevant to watershed health
  • foster the translation of watershed and data science into policy solutions
  • expand support for watershed and data science with applications to California’s environment, public health, and economy
  • facilitate collaboration across scientific research fields and public policy


We have limited space for some excellent posters or other visual displays this year. If you would like to submit a poster or display, please contact Bev Anderson-Abbs or Toni Marshall.